About me

8Founder of 3rd largest worldwide community on line about Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen
+80.000 Members in Oct’17 (network of >130.000 members)

Author of Lean Kaizen Planner : A smart  tool to sustain lean journey across your organization( sold in more then 30 countries and adopted from some  Companies Worldwide leaders in their sectors)

In the following  video i describe in short words what is my opinion about Lean deployment:

Ask Fabrizio – Why Lean is Wrongly deployed?

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I have +10 years of experiences focus on Operations and production environments in different processes ,companies and countries.
I have an operations background focusing on fundamentals to sustain improvements across organizations.

– + 10 years of experience in Automotive,Electronic and Chemical Sectors
– +10 year of experiences Focus in Operations roles

Key Positions covered:

1. Greenfield plant (setup Operations: production,logistic internal flow,process quality,tpm,lean,built in quality)
2. Production Manager (Production,maintenance,Logistic)
3. Business Transformation Manager (Lean Strategy Manager/ Footprint optimization)
4. Innovation – Kaizen Manager

– Working Countries- long projects : Slovakia (East Europe- 3,5 years ),Italy,Spain (1 year)
– Working countries -short projects :Romania,Germany,Austria,China,Canada and USA,Ukraina
– Main Companies/Products :

1. Honda Motorcycles (Motorcycles and Scooter) (4 year)
2. Honeywell (Turbocharger and Brakes) (6,5 year)
3. Giesecke & Devrient (Security technologies : SIM cards,credit card,passports) (1 year)

-Processes :
1. CNC/Painting/Welding/Foundry : Body Automotive processes
2. Assembly (automatic / Manual ) = Automotive processes
3. Assembly(automatic) = electronic processes
4. Printing ( Automatic) = security processes
5. Chip Initialization = elect. processes

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