What is most important to ensure a sustainable Lean system!!??

Dear Members, here the second post of the series… (answering to your questions)

Generally gap it is that organizations are focusing on kaizen and improvements
Unfortunally they forgot to focus also on standardization…

To answer to this question i will use a quote of Taiichi Ohno:

“Where there is no standard,there can be no improvement”

What does it mean? ….

we have 2 companies that they implement same kaizen improvements but one doesn’t focus on standards and loose majority of benefits.
second one instead focus also on standardization and all benefits are keep long the period

How can we ensure standardization?
We have to focus on
1. 5s
2.standard work
3. KPI review and rapid problem solving
4. Leadership standard work is very important ….where leaders are executing coaching ,gemba walk, and pdca activities

Thanks a lot for your support and soon we will announce our new project about E-Learning…
we are looking to great authors and contributors in order to develop the best library online…. more then a library….

Best Regards
Fabrizio Cireddu
Founder of LeanManufacturing & Kaizen

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