Kanban 12 rules by Richard Paul Jones

Kanban Rules ( JIT series ) by Richard Paul Jones


When implementing a Pull system conformity to all Kanban rules is mandatory by everyone , everyday.

12 Rules for successful Kanban implementation

1. Nothing is produced without Kanban (production Instruction).
2. Nothing is supplied without Kanban (replenishment instruction)
3. Only produce quantity requested by Kanban.
4. Only good parts are moved or are stored with Kanban.
5. A Person responsible for Kanban maintenance will be necessary.
6. Kanban Flows will need to be reviewed regularly (ex. high Customer fluctuations vs. std.)
7. Design Kanban tools like, Posts, chutes, to specify Kanban sequence (Order).
8. Design Kanban to include these minimum 5 information: Part Number /name, Qty, line address/storage location, serial number, time information (e-cards).
9. Before implementation ensure 5s is at level 3.
10. Before implementation exists orderly flow.
11. Before implementation there is Standard Work
12. Before implementation there is leveled production.

Best Regards
Fabrizio Cireddu
Founder of Lean Manufacturing & Kaizen

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